Welcome! We are independent tile and flooring installers of Duluth. We handle tile and natural stone, hardwood and laminate flooring, vinyl tile, and carpet. We can also refer you to other highly competent contractors who share our philosophies and are involved in rough and finish carpentry, concrete forming, exterior work, plumbing, electrical and just about any other aspect that concerns general construction. We strive to be unlike our competition in ways that will benefit both customer and installer. Our personal goal is to assist you in the conception and installation of your floor covering and tile shower fabrications while exceeding your expectations. We aim to do so through our various facets of experience, which include, but are not limited to the following:

We have held employment and maintained accounts from the largest and most sought after installation companies and contractors. We have identified many of the benefits and drawbacks in dealing with small and large entities of the flooring industry.

We take great personal pride in our workmanship and efficiency. It is our belief that you will obtain the best results from an installer who can respect himself through positive outcomes and experiences with the consumer. We believe we can be the best by adopting a policy of honesty and integrity. There can be endless possibility for problems to arise while operating within various contracting entities and differing qualities of substrate. Our goal is to identify a problem, honestly express outcomes, and adopt the best possible solution for each unique situation.

We have received our training from many various sources. These include journeyman to the master technician and everything in between. We have absorbed the best and rejected the worst of flooring techniques, which have compiled our personal belief systems from what we have seen to be proven over time. We have worked in both Union and Non-Union capacities.

We are serious about continuing education. We have used both traditional and modern techniques and are proficient in each. We are actively involved in the theory and testing surrounding all trades.

Our belief systems are sensitive to individual circumstances involving cost, scheduling, deadlines, level of difficulty, etc. As a result of our unique experiences over time, we have inferred and implemented the best techniques while maintaining flexibility.

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